Sunday, March 28, 2004

capriccio? whats that? is it the band concert? hmm... ya i did meet up with wc and wilbur once a couple of weeks b4 but not for some concert.

hmm... have you seen ocs? its a beautiful place, it has a much nicer campus than even nus, ntu, sispec, bmtc, hcjc, and is comparable to some of the overseas unis! i really wont mind studying in such a place. its a pity that if i do get there i wont really be enjoying the scenic view that much cos we will be training most of the time.

sigh.... only 8 more days before i have to put on my no.4 and boots again. sigh...
hmmm... i realised that i have not really shared most of my bmt stories with all of you... yup and plus i got some photos too! ok... ill try to recall the better ones then ill tell you all when we meet up again.

actually my post on the 26th "...No more SOC. No more IPPT. No more sergeant takan me..." comes from part of a song we all sing when we book out on friday nights or saturday mornings.
yupz... something that we all sing from the top of our lungs especially when we near the ferry terminal on the way out. :)
just thought ill let you know


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