Wednesday, December 17, 2003

what happened? hm. i'm still waiting for them to get to me.. the guy at sheffield emailed me to say that he'll keep me updated on my status and is arranging another time for an interview (by Science centre..) (another one?!?). by the looks of this, i either get the job that starts in jan and ends early july, or horrors of the horror, dont get the job.. sheesh.. did anyone get a call from kelly services? i got one asking me to go citibank and do data entry, but the timing is very very jialat.. 9am-7pm (most likely will go overtime somemore..) by the time i reach home, most probably 10pm cos it's at millenia walk.. sposed to give my reply to her by today... sheesh. the pay is not bad but the time and location is horrendous.. ahh. i want my science centre job.. and eileen is complaining about telemarketing liaoz.. dont try.. haha...


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