Wednesday, December 03, 2003

time check now is 2am now. and im sitting at the internet koisk at sentosa ntuc resort. presumed everybody is sleeping aside from dewen who's sitting beside me at the next koisk and the security guard here seems to be rather bored. teehee. dint have as much fun as i thot it would be. what the heck. maybe i aint feeling too great today now.. whatever. hopefully the amzing race will go well tmr or else i'll feel downright guilty for the remaining time i spend here. miss my bed since there's not going to be remaining space for me on the bed and i doubt none on the floor as well. this place is cosy, i admit but ... dunno lah. something is just missing. the fun and "highness". im not high today and i doubt if i'll be tmr. argh. i just feel downright xian. xian xianer xianest. *sheesh*:/ dont ask me what's wrong. i think im getting sick of freedom. maybe i should not be posting this here. i seem to be pouring everything out here. what the hell. i cant copy and paste at the computer so it'll remain here. im an irate li' fella.

apologies to anybody who feel offended by my outburst of emotions. my sincere apologies.


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