Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Ya my fren bought this text book (which i reccomended him to buy and didn't buy myself) and the text says benzene was used before to dissolve caffeine but cos it's toxic they decided to use CO2... shucks I should have gotten that book...

it also gives answer for the polypropene homologus thing.. if they ask again, for addition polymers, the homologus series is the same as the monomer. so it's not polymer (which i put damn) or alkane but alkene.. sorry to disapppoint folks out there like myself but hey it's only one mark so if it comes out in paper 3 ya know what to do..

Btw my fren's book is good, one of its example came out in last year's chem paper and the caffeine one came out this year.. a pity I forgot which book it is heh..


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