Thursday, November 27, 2003

hahah.. its alright jinyang.. :) aiyo.. my thumb is aching now.... cos when we went to the SITEX fair just now, er.. we.. spent about 45 mins at the XBox section... :) ahha... so spastic lah! Lixin and i played basketball... i got lakers! but if you think shaq is good you must be kiddign... (err.. was i controlling?) shaq always jumps in midair and trys to block an invisible man. Gary Payton runs around with the ball. (naturally its a foul)... and then there was once i didn't know where the guy ran to.. the next moment he ran into lixin's player... naturally it was a foul... sigh. and lixin refuses to shoot unless YAOMING had the ball?!!!?!?! dimmit. one player game and still, the lakers couldn't block anything. tsk tsk... (in case any lakers fan is reading this, pls note that it was a game and i was controlling lakers so all the above is really self slapping. (: )


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