Monday, November 03, 2003

*cough* FANTASIZE? My God.. I may think Britney is cute, but Justin just erks the shit outta me. Like yes his dancing is good, but gosh.. no no I do NOT fancy him and I do NOT fantasize over guys, for my own sake. What an insult! *sticks tongue out* (Hopefully Wilbur doesn't read this or I'm gonna get the jokes full force from him.. if I do, u owe me a treat nana.. heh :] )

I wanna drive too, but think I'll get a girlfren before I drive.. no point driving without no girlfren hahaha.. I would drive like I'm in Daytona if anf only if (oops) repairs were free and I can't get hurt. (and that is why we play Daytona.)

170km/h? How many m/s is that? (oops I did it again.. did I say I found Britney cute?)

I have napfa in two days time.. I'll shoot whoever doesn't wish me luck cos I'm gonna need it.. nah I believe God will help me pass even though I only trained running once yesterday.. yep ruolingling I'm gonna wear a hat with a placard sticking out with PROM on it. They can laugh at me all they want..

Na who is will pan? Is it the guy on ur blog? Sorry dun find guys cute. (yes wilbur it's true.) Wazz the ABCs? (ABC pi jiu hahaha)

yeah and 'A's is in a week so all de best ya guys! I'm quite ok with everything, except GP, chem, physics and maths... waitamin.. that's everything!! Urm urm.. might get FOOD or DOOF or DODO for 'A's ah which seem to fit my quite well.. gosh..

*slaps self* STUDY!!! *disconnects*


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