Friday, October 03, 2003

oops. nana here! whee. haha.. thought i'd drop a note in here considering it's OUR class blog... heh. hey pple, me and lixin (dont you DARE run away from this i tell you..) will be setting up a class webpage after the Alevels so you guys can tell us whatever you want to put up on the webpage and of course, we'll be more than happy to accept help from everybody.. yupyup... mite be linking up to whichever hc s33 class webpages (which exist on this internet) but that's still a BIG if.. most impt thing is to get out our class website.. oh yeah, we wld need photos as well, so it wld really help if you guys could pass us photos or scan in photos for us, then email it to us.. yepyep..

oh our class email!! dearies, please please sign up with our class yahoogroups.. i'll be sending the invites again so please sign up.. it's an email whereby you guys can send crap or whatsoever.. haha.. it would be another good way to keep in touch with everybody considering how far everybody would live apart in future.. yepyep...

think i've posted the longest msg here so far i think.. i hope.. whee. yeah! okay, that was for the fun of it anyway. haha.. but do think about our class webpage yeah.. it takes a whole class to make the class website perfect.. and TAN LIXIN, you're helping me. dont care. so there. "P


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