Thursday, October 02, 2003

hellos hellos! welcomes to our blog! think you guys would be able to play around with this thing yah.. aiyah... know we have an email liao. but then agains, this website is kinda public so our seniors and juniors can always check in to drop us messages at the tagboard too... so feel free to tell them abt it! but of course we must add stuff in it lah. pls don't let it be an empty shell... especially after A's, and after we leave hwa chong. its then that we should really log in regularly to let one another know how we're doing... can still use the email to share files and all though! yup yup.... BTW. if you have no idea what our class email is, you ought to ask nana to add you into the group... it's at yahoogroups yep..


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