Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I had a bloody stomach ache throughout the three hours.. den have to cheng until the end ah! Next time... must remember to let it ALL out then go in heh..

Maybe they should have sent me to PLMGS or NYGH or RGS.. The girls -- I mean, the environment is v nice.. although hard to concentrate heh..

What's uluated? Is it edible? HAHAHAHAHA!!! (ruolingling say I'm v self-amusing.. quite true..)

Had fun at lunch together today? Sorry I couldn't make it cos had to meet my fren and help her with physics..

ya mr lee sms me today asking me how was the paper.. and what I got for the titre value and 2 functional gp.. he say he couldn't tell yet til third shift over.. now he haven't sms me.. so he probably forgot..

YES! ONE paper for our A levels is finally over... 1 down and the rest more to go.. *sob*


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