Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The date is a bit screwed too.. today is 8 oct right? Or is it just me... aiyee.. where's the rest!? It's more like a quarter class blog than a class blog... aiyee... in school ah force them to join ah..

Lixin u like peanuts!? Don't they make u nuts? (I know it's old.. don't tell me.. the joke I mean... ok fine.. what joke?!)

Guys do ya'all read eight days for this week? the one with ann kok on the cover? Or nobody reads magazines these days? Anything readable without sigma notations and if-and-only-ifs are left to after the 'A's huh? Anyway, read the jessica simpson and her 98 degree hubby article. It's funny...

ARGH! SAT on this sat! (hahaahahah.. it never hit me the irony that it's always on SATurdays.. until now) I dunnoe how to get there man.. some bras brasah complex.. I hope weichong knows..for once, a malaysian leading a singaporean in singapore.. great..


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