Friday, October 31, 2003

ARGH! Revision.. damn it mine sucks.. (sorry) but aiyoh v slow.. I need to start movin already.. U can be up north all ya want but I'd probably end up down under.. (i think weichong will get this one in its completeness hahaha)

Like i'm doing so little for everything and its only one week more!! ARGH!! Ok next week ah no joke.. one sub everyday cos there's no other way! (rhymes)

Anybody takin SAT tmrw? I'm taking SAT 2 so all the best ya guys to whoever's takin it..

*doing* sigh I think I'm gonna screw my 'A's big time.. my 'A's (as in the exam), and my A's (as in grades) and my aces (as in bridge, though wat relation I dunno..)

Ok guys.. I'm taking my napfa next week wed and urm.. hope I pass dudes and dudettes.. I haven't started running.. so I'm hoping for sheer determination.. and my pull ups, on a good day i can do like 4 and 3/4.. so it's alright.. and for sbj, I'm been doing squats so there... God save the queen and me..

Man once I start blogging I can't stop.. there's so much to say.. there's so much nonsense to say..

Coffee helps? I survived on 4 hrs of sleep for one night and ended up konking out for 10 hours the next so it's not a good idea ya.. at least it's less than 8 per day... Oh and I stay away from school as much as I can though..

Anyone out there that can help me in stats like for maths c and f maths cos.. I REALLY need it.. yap u didn't hear it wrong.. i realize i can't do stats anymore so help! Like spend an afternoon summarizing stuff for me would be good heh.. I can trade off by urm.. helping in physics.. I think I can make it for that.. (I think I'm just consoling myself)

Oh I think maybe we can put up like important stuff here like what to remember.. Like dun fall asleep during the exams or sumthin'..

Sumhow I feel like singing 'bye bye bye' to my scholarships.. and end up '[crying] me a river' ... HAHAHA... can't believe I juz did that.



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